Welcome to the Pinnacle Ski and Sports Club.
Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on Wednesday, March 1st at Peaches in Norwalk at 7:30pm. 

You can also renew your membership and/or receive an updated membership card with a Connecticut Ski Council sticker for the 2016-2017 season.

Awareness Days
The final awareness days calendar is available here. Additionally other mountains have provided discounted days for Connecticut Ski Council members here. The CSC website also provides a Google Calendar and ICS file with these dates. Visit them here.

If you're curious about trips we are planning, visit our Trips page for more details.

CSC Winter Carnival
For folks who are interested in the CSC Winter Carnival the first weekend in March, we will be posting contact numbers and hotel rates. The CSC is still finalizing lift ticket rates and activities. As of now, the price only includes lodging. You can find more information about this weekend on our Trips page.

New This Year
Become a member or book your trip online! Go to
Check it out!

Connecticut Ski Council Newsletter
Click here to read the January newsletter. You can view all of them on the CSC site by here.